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Delta’s Suppliers – Delta Market Agents

Delta’s Suppliers

Delta’s Suppliers

We are supplied by most of the premier brands and growers in South Africa.
Produce that you can trust that is grown safely transported timeously and presented to the public, wholesalers, retailers and the hospitality operators of KZN at the keenest prices and the best quality available.

KZN Banana Company
Craighill Farms
Riaden Farms
W Dobeyn Farms CC
Landers & Seun CF
Johnson KK Family Trust

Joubert & Sons
Sun Valley
Orange Chain
Katope Natal
Atherstone Farms
Fowler Farming

Zebra Fresh Fruit
Applethwaite Farms
Kaaimansgat Boerdery
Fairview Landgoed
Groendal Plase
Core Fruit
Colors Fruit (SA)
Idea Fruit
New Vision Fruit
Remhoogte Boerdery
Tru Cape Fruit Marketing
Fouch PA
Anhalt Boerdery
Univeg Katope

Botha WJ Boerdery
Normat Farms
Ceres Fontientjie
Delpa Bdy
Idstone Farms
J VD Spuy Botes

Agrivan Farms
Burlington Farms
Delpa Bdy
Idstone Farms
J VD Spuy Botes
Swaarthaak Boerdery
Visagie GJ
Fettercairn Farms
Cooper’s Agricultural Contracting
Forde D
Vog Boerdery
Aqua Farms
Wilnick Boerdery
Landzicht Boerdery
HK Boerdery

Charlew Farming
Melvyn LT
Lezmin 2812
Le Roux SJJ
Mandugeza Marketing
Makoadi Bdy