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News – Delta Market Agents


Eat Healthy

Did you know the average western diet consists of only one to two servings of vegetables per day, around five times below the recommended amount? To maintain proper health, men should eat up to nine servings per day, while women are encouraged to have at least seven daily servings. And it’s the veggie’s unique phytochemicals that promote our good health. 1. More Servings, More Benefits Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day is one of the most important things you can [...]

Delta’s Suppliers

We are supplied by most of the premier brands and growers in South Africa. Produce that you can trust that is grown safely transported timeously and presented to the public, wholesalers, retailers and the hospitality operators of KZN at the keenest prices and the best quality available. BananasCitrusFruitOnionsPotatoesVegetablesBananas KZN Banana Company Craighill Farms Gracelands Riaden Farms W Dobeyn Farms CC Landers & Seun CF Johnson KK Family Trust Citrus Joubert & Sons Sun Valley Orange Chain Katope Natal Atherstone Farms Fowler Farming Fruit Zebra Fresh Fruit Applethwaite Farms Kaaimansgat Boerdery Fairview Landgoed Groendal Plase Core Fruit Colors Fruit (SA) Idea Fruit New Vision Fruit Remhoogte Boerdery Tru [...]

Community Projects

Delta Market Agents are involved with a number of projects in our immediate vicinity. These range from assisting our own staff with their further education and skills development to support for St. Monicas’s Children’s Home and Feed the Babies Fund. These projects are very close to our hearts and we do all enjoy the time we can spend with them.


It was an affair to remember. The 69th Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Market Agents of South Africa, more commonly known as IMASA, was held recently in Durban. The popular format of a Panel Discussion on day one followed by the AGM on day two was replaced by a Strategic Planning Session for members and a small group of selected guests on day one. With a new President (Grant Norman was elected at the previous AGM) setting a [...]